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Top Blends and Remixes, Pt 1

As you can see from this site, I’m a big fan of interesting blends, remixes and mashups, of which there is certainly no shortage. The idea isn’t new, but the current trend seems to have been sparked by Dangermouse’s Grey Album, in which the iconic producer matched up Jay-Z’s acapellas from The Black Album with beats and tracks sampled from The Beatles’ White Album.

I’ve listened to quite a few such remixes and have been consistently impressed and inspired by what some of these home-grown producers are creating and distributing for free online – their innovative work oftentimes puts the “pros” to shame.

The following is a list of some of my favorite releases and tracks, in no particular order. Suggestions for any others would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Carauna/TeaSea Records

This UK-based music teacher/producer is pure dopeness, having put out a number of incredible mashups and remixes, including:

Wu Tang vs The Beatles (sadly unavailable now due to legal reasons)

Black Gold: Wu Tang vs. Jimi Hendrix

Okayplayer – The Bollywood Remake

The Rough Version Remix Series ftg remixed tracks from Large Professor, MF Doom, Brand Nubian, J. Live and DITC.

and other random remixes, like this one of Black Thought.

He’s also got his own label with signed acts like Grand Agent and Klondike Kids.

All of the above are worth listening/downloading, but if you have to choose one, go with the Black Gold Hendrix remixes.

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