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thebeijinger: Wu Force Hits on Sunday, Featuring Abigail Washburn, Wu Fei and Kai Welch

Michelle Dai interviews guzheng virtuoso Wu Fei as she prepares to perform with Abigail Washburn and Kai Welch in Beijing this Sunday night at Yugong Yishan:

For years, banjo girl Abigail Washburn, singer/songwriter Kai Welch and Chinese singer/guzheng master Wu Fei thought about collaborating on something together. When Wu Fei was in the US, the three started combining American country tunes, traditional Chinese influences and their wild ideas. They called themselves Wu-Force, and presented their work in Beijing in the summer of last year. Washburn is currently on her“Silk Road” tour, but she’ll be making a stop in Beijing this weekend, where we’ll get a chance to witness the newest creations from Wu-Force. We recently asked Wu Fei to give us a hint of what to expect. Continue reading


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