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Monkey Mashup: Sun Wukong vs Sun Ra

One more from my Monkey Mashup series – this one’s on the Middle Eastern tip with samples from ‘Jeitili” (artist unknown), Egyptian percussionist and composer Hossam Ramsy‘s ‘Wana Be-ied Annak (When I Am Not Near You),’ which I discovered via the indispensable Mixtape Riot and ‘Oriental Mood’ off of the Sun Ra Arkestra Meets SalahRagab in Egypt LP. Continue reading


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Monkey Mashup 2: Headache

Here’s another series of beats I made with samples from Monkey King Conquers the Demon.

Those familiar with the story may recall that the monk Tangsen (a.k.a. Xuanzang) was able to keep Sun Wukong (Monkey) in line with a headband that would cause its wearer to suffer from extreme headaches whenever the monk recited a particular sutra, which is pretty much how I feel on those particularly polluted Beijing days.

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