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Big Pun – Dream Shatterer (JChan Twit Remix)

R.I.P.: Still large and in charge – in the words of Passion of the Weiss:

Pun rapped like a Harlem globetrotter toying with a basketball, syllables spinning at dizzying speeds, introspection blotted out by a cruel lust for blood. Planting Kool G Rap uptown with Boriqua slang, Pun had Hitmen alumni Sean C to ensure that he had the songs to crossover. He was a corpulent killer with Santa Claus charisma. Pun rapped like he hit the dinner table, with unhinged abandon and lust for words. He was a rap Slimer, taking entire plates of food the same way he’d scarf 16s, massive quantities of verbs and calories downed in seconds. There will never be another Chris Rios. We know this. No one else was nice enough to make Moesha faint. Continue reading

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