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Samsonite Man: Live From Planet China With DJ Wordy

Alex Dwyer, a writer based in Chonging, writes about Beijing’s DJ Wordy and the state of China’s (still) nascent hip hop scene:

“A lot of emcees in Beijing want to be battling. The battle circuit is pretty tight, hosting battles for like 600 people a night but [the audience] just wants to be entertained. They have no skills man, they just yell at each other. They just want to see what ‘yo-mamma is…’ on stage.”

“I gave my CD to everybody from [DJ] Premier, DJ Crash, Dame DashPete Rock. I even gave three beats to RZA, who said he wanted to record over my beats. I think his beats are for his movie, The Man With The Iron Fist,” the icons rolls off of his tongue, many of whom have publicly praised Wordy productions. Peedi Crakk was given a track (for free, of course) and is considering coming to China to record with Wordy this spring.

Read the article here.

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