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Das EFX ftg Redman – Rap Scholar (JChan Squeaky Door Remix)

Das Efx played a show in Beijing a few months back at Tango, a disco-cum-karaoke club that appeals more to green tea and whiskey swilling nouveau-riche types than hip hop fans. I didn’t go but heard it was a lackluster show that ended with a fight breaking out in the audience. Oh well. They still embody just about everything that was cool about hip hop in the 90s. Continue reading


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GZA and RZA – Third World (JChan Dharma Remix)

RZA and GZA drop science over a remix I made with samples from Art Blakey and a Buddhist chanting ceremony I recorded at this small temple in Zhoushan, China last October. Continue reading

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Dame Dash in China

The Wall Street Journal blogs about Dame Dash’s forays into China:

Mr. Dash and Mrs. Pecot have since organized several shows across Asia over the last year and half. Members of DD172′s U.S. crew – including, among others, Ms. Eddy, rockers the London Souls (watch their music video, “Old Country Road,” set in Hong Kong) and producer Sean O’Connell – have performed alongside mainland bands Re-TROS and Hedgehog, and former Chinese DMC Turntable champion DJ Wordy, in Thailand, Beijing and Shanghai. In Hong Kong, Mr. Chan, a founding member and chief lyricist to seminal rap group LMF, bonded with Mr. Dash over their shared love of hip-hop.

The talent went both ways – a year ago, Mr. Dash set up New York gigs for Re-TROS and Hedgehog – two bands that have toured extensively in Asia but had never been to the U.S.

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Cut Chemist Coming to Beijing March 2nd

Former Jurassic 5 DJ Cut Chemist is coming to Beijing courtesy of No Go Die for a show on March 2nd at Yugong Yishan (which seems to have a chokehold on the city’s live hip hop scene at the moment). TheBeijinger will have an interview up in the last week of February – stay tuned.

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A Primo Pic from Minesmedia

My man and videographer Luke Mines sent this pic of him and DJ Premier at Sundance in LA shooting publicity for ReGeneration:

“I was shooting at a PR event so he had to move on to the next interview. I told him that I had seen him in the Ice T documentary I saw at Sundance… At one point he said he was into rodeos cause he’s originally from Texas. Erykah Badu was sitting nearby and he was like ‘Erykah knows what I’m talking about.’ Erykah is a nutter man.” Continue reading

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X-Factor: Rob Swift Plays Yugong Yishan on March 15th


Turntable legend Rob Swift is set to perform in Beijing on Thursday, March 15th at Yugong Yishan. According to the press release:

“Venturing off into my solo career helped me realize I was just beginning to scratch the surface of my true potential.” Swift says,

“the worst thing one can do to an artist is limit them and I started to feel stifled creatively. My departure from the X-ecutioners was a necessary one cause it freed me from all constraints.” Swift’s post-9/11 beat collage War Games (2005), his third solo album, featured guest shots from The Large Professor and Bob James. “Of all my albums, War Games is the one I’m most proud of because I figured out a way to use my skill on the turntables to make a political statement. I went beyond showing off how fancy my cuts were and actually said something that was socially relevant through scratches.” Continue reading

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Samsonite Man: Live From Planet China With DJ Wordy

Alex Dwyer, a writer based in Chonging, writes about Beijing’s DJ Wordy and the state of China’s (still) nascent hip hop scene:

“A lot of emcees in Beijing want to be battling. The battle circuit is pretty tight, hosting battles for like 600 people a night but [the audience] just wants to be entertained. They have no skills man, they just yell at each other. They just want to see what ‘yo-mamma is…’ on stage.”

“I gave my CD to everybody from [DJ] Premier, DJ Crash, Dame DashPete Rock. I even gave three beats to RZA, who said he wanted to record over my beats. I think his beats are for his movie, The Man With The Iron Fist,” the icons rolls off of his tongue, many of whom have publicly praised Wordy productions. Peedi Crakk was given a track (for free, of course) and is considering coming to China to record with Wordy this spring.

Read the article here.

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