“Well Alright”: The Other Xiaorong Cocktail 78 Song

I was at 2Kolegas the other week talking with my old friends Dave O’Dell and veteran Chinese rock producer Wang Di about our old band, Xiaorong Cocktail 78, which I posted about a while back. Pangbianr.com recently ran an interview with me discussing Beijing’s rock scene from back in those days and the post included a link to our song “Over,” which we recorded at our one and only studio session in the spring of 2001, but that wasn’t the only track we recorded that day.

This is the first track we recorded and the first song we wrote together based on a Xiao Rong riff. This was one of the later takes and the tempo turned out much faster than how the song was intended to song. Unfortunately, Jonny, being the perfectionist that he is, had us tape over our first and best take, which we belted out fresh after a hot pot lunch complemented by a copious amount of erguotou.

The results are kind of a mess, but interesting to listen to again all the same:


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