X-Factor: Rob Swift Plays Yugong Yishan on March 15th


Turntable legend Rob Swift is set to perform in Beijing on Thursday, March 15th at Yugong Yishan. According to the press release:

“Venturing off into my solo career helped me realize I was just beginning to scratch the surface of my true potential.” Swift says,

“the worst thing one can do to an artist is limit them and I started to feel stifled creatively. My departure from the X-ecutioners was a necessary one cause it freed me from all constraints.” Swift’s post-9/11 beat collage War Games (2005), his third solo album, featured guest shots from The Large Professor and Bob James. “Of all my albums, War Games is the one I’m most proud of because I figured out a way to use my skill on the turntables to make a political statement. I went beyond showing off how fancy my cuts were and actually said something that was socially relevant through scratches.”

After 4 years of finding himself as a solo artist, Rob Swift once again joined forces with old X comrades Total Eclipse and Precision to form a new DJ super group called Ill Insanity. Their debut album “GROUND XERO” was released in February, 2008. “Whether it’s as a solo artist or as a member of a group, I just want to push the boundaries of what I do”, Rob says.  “I’m just trying to figure out different avenues to introduce people to my sound and obviously, to showcase my style and versatility.  It might be through video games, commercials, movies, albums or live performances. However I reach people, what’s important to me is we all get to enjoy that musical connection.”

Today, Rob Swift continues his relentless pursuit of fresh directions, expanding his palette into the stratosphere. Most recently, Swift has ventured into the film realm, releasing 3 music documentary DVDs. “As the Tables Turn” is a biographical look at Rob Swift’s career.  “As the Technics Spin” examines Swift’s thought process while creating his classic battle/club sets. While his latest, “DJ Rob Swift: Live! The Documented Movement” gives us a behind the scenes look at Rob on tour promoting his 4th solo album The Architect which efforlessy blends the genres of Turntablism and Classical music. His follow up EP Sketches of The Archtiect reinforces his vision of where Hip Hop can head rather than where it is now.

Keep an eye out on thebeijinger.com where we’ll post an interview in the coming weeks.


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