Black Star – Definition (JChan Babylon Rock Remix)

Sampled the bassline from Vin Gordon‘s “Babylon Rock” on this one.


Taking a look back at the history of ska, rocksteady and reggae, we come inevitably to Vin Gordon aka Don Drummond Junior (a nickname) aka Trommie, considered one of the most prolific Jamaican trombonist. Born on the 4th of August 1949 in Jones Town, Kingston, he entered the famous Alpha Boys School at the age of five and learned to play trombone. But who could anticipate then that the talented boy would get a member of Bob Marley & The Wailers and reaches international fame. 2011 Vin Gordon, after nearly 50 years in the music business, lives in his adopted home Paris and tells us plenty of interesting facts about Jamaican music in this interview

Black Star’s classic needs no redefining, but I’m pretty happy this one nevertheless.


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Filed under Hip Hop, Reggae & Dub, Remixes

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