Classic Chinese Funk Pt 1: Chinese Ensemble Breaks

“Ethnic funk” (read not made by Black, White or Hispanic people) is a bona fide sub-genre for loop diggers and beat makers – in these regards the Turks and Thais seem to have the lion’s share of vintage beats from the 60s and 70s.

There are a few Chinese language gems out there as well – mostly music on vinyl made in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong from back in the day that leans towards fuzzed-out garage rock and guitar pop. My dad had a few of these records in his collection but they were unfortunately given away by my mom in one fell swoop of spring cleaning – something I regret to this day.

Fortunately you can still buy, sell and hear some of these vintage sounds online  – Youtube is a good place to start and you’ll find the odd compilation album in better music stores. I’ll share a few links of songs (that I also can’t wait to sample from), starting with this one below, taken  from an unidentified record (presumably from Hong Kong or Singapore) of classic psychedelic Sino-funk that is for sale on EBay:


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