TheBeijinger: Quantic plays Punk this Saturday

Iain Shaw interviews Quantic about his upcoming show in Beijing on thebeijinger:

Quantic (aka Will Holland) grew up in England, but moved beyond his native shores to embrace music from all around the world, becoming a hugely influential DJ, producer and musician. He’s now based mainly in Colombia, but brings his wildly diverse record collection to Punk this Saturday (Dec 3) to help DJ Slide’s No Go Die celebrate its first anniversary of pushing the musical button in Beijing.

What did you listen to as a kid?
I listened to a lot of acoustic music. Both my mother and father, and my sisters, played folk music in the house. The house was full of guitars, banjos, a double bass and a piano. My upbringing was very creative, and I had a lot of chances to hear different music and to try to play different instruments. In my teens, I began collecting 45s bought in local Northern Soul and jazz record stores – that got me into the music I’m making today.

More here.



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