TheBeijinger: Birdy Nam Nam at Yugong Yishan Tomorrow Night

Here’s a post I penned for thebeijinger previewing French turntablist crew Birdy Nam Nam’s show in Beijing tomorrow night – good hip hop shows are few and far between in our fair city:

Birdy Namnam are no mere knob twiddlers – the four-man French DJ “band” take an instrumentalist’s approach to turntables and collaborate to create beat-laden compositions out of sampled sounds and instrumental parts pressed on vinyl.

Taking their name from a Peter Sellers film (The Party, 1968), the group met as members of DJ crew Scratch Action Hiro (winner of the 2000 World DMC Team Championships) and went on to take the title themselves in 2002. Four years later they dropped their self-titled debut album and have since released three others, including their most recent LPDefiant Order.

Read more here.



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2 responses to “TheBeijinger: Birdy Nam Nam at Yugong Yishan Tomorrow Night

  1. can someone tell me what happened yesterday ?

    Why could Birdy team NOT play all together ?!?!?!?

    So why did I buy a 200RMB ticket for ?


    • jchan53

      Thanks for the comment – unfortunately I couldn’t make the show, but maybe the organizers can respond to your question (check – illness? Road fatigue? All the same I can understand why you were disappointed.

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