The Tenant Remixes 2 – Murderers and Killers

Critics hated The Tenant when it came out in 1976, saying it bordered on “self parody” and a dissipation of “whatever talent [Roman Polanski] once had” – all the more reason to love it.

Macabre, absurd and indeed supremely self-indulgent, the film’s influence on psychological horror films is undeniable, not least of which for its amazing soundtrack and Roman Polanski’s memorable lines as his character suffers a complete mental breakdown (in drag, no less).

The dialogue has been sampled on numerous occasions, most notably on Skinny Puppy‘s “State Aid” from their Vivisect VI album,  which I first heard in high school and recall wondering about their source. It wasn’t until I saw the film years later in college that I made the connection and I’ve wanted to do my own version ever since.

The samples I used in this one include a drum loop from Krzystof Komeda’s ‘Astigmatic’ and an intense drum and bass loop from Sonny Rollin’s East Broadway Rundown.


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