Hammer of God

This one’s a bit different, but I dig it all the same. You’ve probably seen these guys (two of whom are pictured above) in temples all over China (and greater East Asia) – in Journey to the West they battle it out with Sun Wukong using their assorted implements. My favorite is Chi Guo Tian Wang – Dhṛtarāṣṭra in Sanskrit – who uses sound-waves from his giant pipa to literally deafen his foes to death (somewhat reminiscent of this guy).

This is the song they’d be playing as they ride in from the horizon ready to crush your puny, mortal soul.

I also went through a major Melvins phase in college and still love their sound – amped up power chords-on-steroids, ridiculously distorted bass and drums mic’d like they were played in this cavern (Dale Crover is, perhaps, my favorite rock drummer of all time) – this is my take on that sound.


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Filed under Beijing, China, Instrumental, Reactable, Rock

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