Kool G Rap ‘Ill Street Blues’ (JChan Screaming into Space Remix)

Kool G Rap is one of the roughest MCs out there – and still going strong – definitely in my top five favorites. I made this remix of his seminal crime rap classic with a beat I made using the Reactable for iPad app.

Looking like something straight out of Star Trek, this electronic console synthesizer enables you to make music/noise/beats/soundscapes in an entirely different way – rather than playing on a traditional keyboard, tracks and effects are played and manipulated on a “table.” The actual instrument (see photo below) is fantastically futuristic looking and was introduced to live audiences on a Bjork tour a few years back. The analog processors and effects are tailor made for electronic music, but are entirely capable of flipping funky syncopated beats if you load up the right loops (via WAV files). More importantly, it’s incredibly fun to use and addictive.

If you have an iPad and are into DJing or making your own beats and loops, I’d say it’s a must have. I now use it in pretty much every production – I’ll lay a beat in Reactable and do some mixing down and production on my Macbook (and yes, I know I’m pretty terrible at mixdowns). You can also record a beat session on the app itself, which I did for the instrumental version (second track).

Here’s the extended instrumental track:

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