Beijing Calling

I’ve been living and working in Beijing since ’99 and have seen and undergone some pretty crazy changes here, but one thing that has remained constant is my lifelong obsession with music. Growing up in Houston in the 70s and 80s, I had a walkman glued to my head and went through all the requisite musical phases – starting from Top 40 to classic rock and metal, to punk and new wave, on into industrial (and even grindcore), indie and post-rock (whatever that means), noise and beyond.

But throughout my life – even when I was a hormonal high school freshman singing The Cure and Morrissey songs in the shower – I’ve always been most addicted to hip hop. More than any other genre, hip hop’s sounds, aesthetic, lyrics and beats have always grabbed me on a deeper level and I find myself going back to it again no matter where my wandering musical tastes take me.

As with most suburban (read non-African American) fans of my time, I got turned on to the hip hop culture via Run DMC’s ‘King of Rock,’ The Fat Boys, the Rock Steady Crew scenes in ‘Flashdance,’ rap guest shots on Soul Train and the “Turbo Walk” in Breakin 1 and 2: Electric Boogaloo. Local radio was also a huge influence: in middle school I’d listen for hours in bed to Houston’s Majic 102 Saturday night jams and Rice Radio‘s rap show. Shit was dope back then and remains dope to this day.

Since then I’ve been turned onto a much wider array of fantastic music and in turn have tried channeling all of these influences into making beats and loops of my own, which I’ll be posting on this blog, along with mash-ups, remixes and random pics and ramblings.

You (and by “you” I mean my friends and family or fellow music fan) are welcome to comment and give feedback, or better yet, suggestions on new music to check out, and I’m always open to constructive criticism.

I’m still learning as I make beats and definitely am not a technical wizard – most of the beats on here (at least for now) were made with some combination of Acid, Audacity, Garageband and Reactable – at some point I’d love to go all out and get an SP1200 and make beats the proper way, but looping, sampling and remixing with common software is where I’m at for now.

Obviously I’m not a professional producer and am posting my productions online for fun. Regardless, I will always try to credit musical sources and inspiration when I know the proper artist, song and album names, but if I happen to step on any IP toes in the process, please let me know and I’ll happily remove any song or track from the site.

And if you like what you hear and want to collaborate, you can reach me through this site – I may not be able (technically or logistically) to explore every opportunity, but I’ll be happy to hear from you nonetheless, especially if you’re an MC or looking for someone to make a soundtrack.

Enough typing for now. To launch this blog I present my first upload – a loop I made from Krzysztof Komeda‘s “Astigmatic” and the drums from Dexter Wansel‘s “Beat from the Planets,” along with a few sonic flourishes of my own:

Planetary Astigmatic

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